We are  most trusted name among the topmost companies in this business, involved in offering a superb quality assortment of UV Water Treatment to our customers. This UV Water Treatment consumes less power and consistently keeps water safe. We offer this products at most competitive price.Its available in domestic as well commercial purpose also. 




  • Retains the natural properties like taste and odor of water
  • Minerals are not removed
  • Environment friendly
  • Immediate disinfecting

UV Disinfection System is an extremely effective way to combat microbial contamination in water. However, microbes have to be exposed to UV-C light in the proper amount in order to effectively disinfect the water. UV Disinfection Systems are used in many different applications ranging from the purification of drinking water in individual homes to disinfecting water supply of entire townships to industrial wastewater treatment. UV treatment for water is recognized as a safer and more cost-effective way to disinfect water for industrial applications

UV sanitization is useful in almost any application where microbial free, safe and pure water is required; and where there is a chance of the water being contaminated before it reaches the final point of use.

4] Benefits of UV Disinfection System

Natural – UV is nature’s way of purification.

Environmentally Friendly – No Toxic by-products are formed during the UV disinfection process

Effective – All known microorganisms are susceptible to UV light

Economical – Lowest operating cost amongst disinfection systems

Safe and Chemical Free – No addition of chemicals hence no danger of overdosing

Fast – It is In-contact purification therefore Instant

Easy to Manage – Well designed systems like the Alfaa UV systems come with many advanced features like CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), high-efficiency electronic ballasts, and extremely precise UV intensity monitors which make them highly effective and hence easy to manage.


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