ZEOSORB has been introduced to the process purification of drinking water and wastewater due to its large specific surface area and the selective adsorption of substances, such as ammonia, dissolved organic matter and many other cations. Moreover, ZEOSORB has advantageous hydraulic properties, that is – the filtration capacity of large quantities of water. Compared with other adsorbents, ZEOSORB is more stable, has better filter features, accessible and relatively cheaper.




Best Features

• Better Filtrate Clarity
• Increased flow rate in gravity System
• Increased flow rate in pressure vessel systems
• Lower capital requirement to increase Filtration Capacity
• Fewer Back wash cycles
• Less Back wash water
• Greater Loading due to greater surface area
• Long media bed life
• Land application of spent ZEOSORB media
• Simpler Handling
• Better Cleaning


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