Owing to our vast manufacturing facilities, we have been able to offer a wide array of Online Water Chiller. These are manufactured by taking utmost care and meet the current industry standards. This chillers are specifically designed for drinking water supplies. All these products are ensured of excellent quality and supreme performance.



chiller works on the principle of vapor compression or vapor absorption. Chillers provide a continuous flow of coolant to the cold side of a process water system at a desired temperature of about 50°F (10°C). … Refrigerant circulates through an evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion device of a chiller.

The low-pressure gas enters the compressor where it is compressed to high-pressure gas. The high-pressure gas enters the condenser where ambient air or condenser water removes heat to cool it to a high-pressure liquid. … In a watercooled condenserwater from a cooling tower cools and condenses the refrigerant.

body structure. 1.6 mm single sheet bending
compresser. Emerson kirloskar
condenser. 18*22. 4row
Phe. alfa laval or swep
fan. 400mm. hicool
cooling capacity. 550 lph
temperature controller inbuilt
auto cutoff for no flow of water
led indication for compresser
low pressure switch for gas
pump. cri 1/2hp inbuilt