Scaling elements like calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate, strontium sulphate, silica, iron and alumina reduces the filterability of RO system & hinders the water flow. In earlier days sulphuric acid is added to adjust the pH of feed water in RO system fairly inhibits the calcium carbonate scales. Which in turn increases the scaling potential for sulphate scales. Sulphate scale Precipitates out of solution was impossible to clean out of the membrane. In the recent development Best formulated antiscalant for RO system that combines organic acids dispersant, which softens the sulphate scales. DC Dosing Chemicals is a highly effective threshold agent, which inhibits the precipitation of calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, and barium sulphate by increasing their solubilities. It is also an effective iron sequestrant and reduces iron fouling.


  • Highly effective antiscalant for wide range of water resources
  • Minimizes the fouling by sequestering iron
  • Reduces the consumption of acid addition
  • Low dose rate gives cost effective application
  • Effective iron sequestrent
  • Helps in smooth and efficient working of RO system
  • More stable and more effective than sodium hexa-meta phosphate


1 Dozer 5010 Highly conc. Antiscalant – food grade
2 Dozer 5020 Antiscalant for high TDS Water
3 Dozer 5090 Antiscalant for high Silica Water
4 Dozer 100a Low PH Membrane Cleaning Chemical
5 Dozer 100s High PH Membrane Cleaning Chemical
6 Dozer 555 ph booster
7 IOIOI Dosing Chemicals 5010 & 5020 Antiscalant & Membrane Cleaning Chemicals


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