Single Pan balance of capacity 311g and sensitivity 0.01g. The stainless steel pan has two pouring spouts and handle, and rests on a wire stirrup suspended from the beam. Zero adjustment through a simple knob on its left side. Total four beams, each with non-removable, center indicating sliders, graduated to 1g ´ 0.01g, 10g ´ 1g, 100g ´ 10g and 200g ´ 100g. Magnetically damped movement of the beam ensures rapid weighing.



These Single Pan Balances are precisely exported, manufactured & supplied using industry grade raw material to provide fast read outs in less time. These Single Pan Balances are appreciated for accomplishing the most sophisticated weighing tasks. Useful for weighing anything from really light weight samples to heavy weight objects.


Product Specification

Usage/Application Laboratory
Model Name/Number RS-201
Capacity 200 gm
Optical Scale 1000 mg
Sensitivity 0.1 mg
Voltage 220 / 230 V

Product Description

Single Pan Balance works on the principle of substitution of weights and has a special alloy casted beam with a magnetic damping device. Fitted with a heavy duty step down transformer to work in AC supply.
Product Details:

Model Cap. Optical Scale Sensitivity
RS 201 200gm 1000mg 0.1mg
RS 100 100gm 100mg 0.01m


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