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Technical Specifications : 1) Vertical laboratory autoclave with sterilization chamber volume of 50 lit or higher. 2) The sterilization chamber constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel. 3) Microprocessor controller for high precision temperature control . 4) Display for temp , timer and warning alert checks . 5) Automatic sterilization system for unattended operation. 6) Sterilization temperature at 121 C 7) The pressure gauge attached to the front side for easy check . 8) The instrument should have Mechanical Safety Devices :- a. Over current protection . b. Over temperature protection by automatic power cutoff . c. Over pressure protection by automatic and manual safety valve. 9) The instrument should have Safety Warning System a. Over temperature warning b. Sterilization fail warning 10)Supplied with two suitable stackable stainless steel bucket for sterilization . 11)Supplied with an Extra silicone or suitable gasket . 12)Electric requirement :Single phase , 23 0V , 50-60 Hz.


Product Specification

MaterialStainless Steel
Temperature Range121 DegreeC to 125 DegreeC
BrandAlliance elemech
Pressure Range15 PSI – 22 PSI
Minimum Order Quantity1

Product Description

We are offering Laboratory Autoclaves.

Technical specification: 


  • 15 to 22 PSL, Factory set at 15 P51
  • 220VAC, Single Phase
  • 134 Centigrade


  • Temperature Range: 121°C to 125°C
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Alliance Elemech


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