Not only can TITANSORB granules help split water in H+ and OH- , it can also make water filter Adsorbent hydrophilic-allowing water to flow easily through it,while absorbing Arsenic,Lead,Selenium and other foreign contaminants,including bacteria making it perfect for purifying water.Thus a new super high capacity (absorption) powered Absorbent is developed.




  • Highest Arsenic Loading
  • Operates in wider PH range
  • Highest Purity
  • Very High Capacity
  • Very Little Capital Costs
  • No Regeneration Chemical Required
  • Simple System Design
  • Simple System Design
  • Simple Manual Or Automatic Systems
  • Simple Start Ups
  • Reduced Equipment Footprint
  • High Absorption Capacity For Arsenic And Other Heavy Metals
  • Removing Arsenic In Millions Of Gallons Of Drinking Water Worldwide.
  • Extremely Fast Kinetics
  • Empty Bed Contact Time(EBCT)Between 0.5-3 Minutes 


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