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Detailed Information: 
• Item: Water ATM/Purified Water Vending machine
• Water Source: Municipal Tap Water/Raw Water
• Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz / AC110V 60Hz.
• Production Capacity(GPD): 400,600,800,1300,1600 and 3000
• Water Tank Capacity: 200L
• UV Power: 20w
• Ozone Capacity: 1000mg
• Filling Flow Rate: 8L/min
• Selling Method(Refundable): IC Card+ Coins + Paper note
• Size of Filling Bottle: 200ml,500ml,1L,2L,20Ltr(at a time in one tap)
• Filtration Step: 9 Steps
• Size: L80cmxW68cmxH200cm
• Packing: Carton for FCL or Poly Wood case for LCL
• LCD Panel: 19inch for advertisement
• Technology: Pre Filtration (German Technology) + Reverse Osmosis(RO)+Ultra Violet(UV) Technology +Ozonation + Water Chiller +LED Technology



APEX TECHNOLOGY is a prominent Water Vending Machine (ATM)  Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. Our Branches includes Delhi, Siliguri ,Nagpur ,Bhopal ,Guwahati , etc. These Water ATMs are basically purified water vending machines. Our Infrastructure helps to expand the operations to more villages (any remote location). Central monitoring helps to provide quality service to all locations. (Efficient use of resources.).

MS STRUCTURE: Completing Folding Nut bolt System / FRONT 6Feet X Depth 5Feet X Height 9 Feet / 2dispensing unit /  Pet Bottle storage space /  Exhaust Fan / LED Light /  Power Coded Panel / Coin box / Dispensing space SS304 / Storage Tank Stainless steel tank SS304/ 3D STICKER/ ONLINE CCTV MONETORING /

Inbuilt Exhaust Fan

R.O System Process flow Diagram 

CHILLER: In build with 225 Liter SS puff tank Two Nos with 1.5 Ton Compressor

Multi Coin & RFID card operated Water vending circuit with GSM Technology (Online Server Connected) with multi coin acceptor.




Raw water pump with motor make CRI 0.50 hp One No.
FRP VESSEL(APEX)  13 X 54 ( Katalox Light & Zeosorb Imported From GERMANY Best Filtration For IRON /ARSENIC / TURBIDITY/HEAVEY MATESS upto 0.3micron) Three Nos
Micron Cartridge filter (5 Micron – Big Blue) incorporating P. P. Micron cartridge Jumbo 4”F.R.P. Micron cartridge housing Jumbo 4” Two No.
High pressure pump with motor make CRI /APEX MODEL : 2-9 One No.
R O Module incorporating – R O Membrane Element (4040- One Nos.) Hydranautics /Dow R O Pressure tube – SS/ F.R.P. (Envi tube) High pressure interconnecting UPVC Piping One No.
Pressure Control Valve One No.

Flow meter (Product water / Waste Water)

Two No.

Digital Panel with Flow Meter & SENSOR

One No.

Low Pressure & High Pressure Switch

Two No.

Level Controller for Raw Water & Treated Water Tank.

Two No.

Antisclean Dosing System (Dosing Pump Make: E- Dose)

One No.

Solenoid Valve

Six Nos.

On / Off Switch

One No.

UV System


Ozonation System

1 Nos

Rejection Water (Through the recirculation of Reject Water)

0% (Zero)

Coin & RFID Card Acceptor, with online Support

One Unit


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