Digital Colony Counter is designed for quick and accurate counting of bacterial and mould colonies in petri dishes. Feature packed & easy to use, this is an indispensable bench top tool for the busy microbiologist. It is designed for rapid and accurate counting of bacterial and mould colonies. Simply place the pertri dish on the illuminated pad and touch the dish with the pen provided to mark each colony in turn.

 This causes a count to be registered on the digital display and audible tone confirms each count made. Marking the dish with the pen avoids missing colonies or double counting. The digital count on the display can be reset manually any time by pressing the RESET key provided. Optimum viewing of colonies is aided by peripheral glare-free illumination. An integral magnifying glass provides for easier counting of small colonies.





  1. Auto Mark Pen.
  2. Wolffhuegel Grid Glass Plate.
  3. 110 mm Magnifying Lence.
  4. Four Digit Resettable Electronic Counter.
  5. Nett Weight- 3.5 Kgs.
  6. Supply- 230V AC 50Hz


Streamlined design enables fast and accurate count & reduces operator fatigue.

  1. Hold function to stop counting at any stage.
  2. 40 memory locations with data storage even after the power switch off.
  3. Four Digit resettable digital counter with audio beep at every count.
  4. Auto mark-Market pen probe, for counting and marking simultaneously.
  5. Wolffhuegal grid glass plate. Focusing adjustable.
  6. 110 mm Magnifying glass.


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