It is a FRP make Pressure Vessel Which inner shell is polytheylene and outer shell is fiberglass .It’s an reliable application for water filtration and water conditioning. They hold water according to vessel size and provide unmatched strength and chemical resistance to the vessel.It is most suitable for internal plastic lining filters, softeners and DM plant applications.

It is primarily placed in two forms in filter applications, one of which is an activated carbon filter and the other is a multigrade filter consisting of four media filter varieties . Pre-treatment 1665 FRP Tank is used to remove the color and smell of raw water as a carbon filter for pre-treatment of the RO water treatment plant system. FRP vessels also available in various size like 844 frp vessel, 1054 Frp vessel, 1248 Frp Vessel , 1354 Frp vessel etc.


•  For commercial and industrial water treatment and storage

• 100% composite fiberglass construction

• Outstanding performance and durability in harsh chemical environments

• Absolutely will not – and cannot – rust

• Requires little or no maintenance

• Capacities up to 1600 gallons

• Factory-backed five-year warranty

• Commercial softening & filtration

Material of Construction

• Polyethylene inner shell Operating Parameters

• Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi

• Maximum operating temperature: 120°F (threaded)

150°F (flanged)

Design Parameters

• Safety factor: 4:1

• Minimum burst at 600 psi

• Tested to 250,000 cycles without leakage

NSF Design Parameters

• Safety factor: 4:1

• Minimum burst at 600 psi

• Tested to 100,000 cycles without leakage


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