We have a wide range of S.S Filter Holder designs to suit specific industrial requirements, various sizes and designs to suit specific customer needs. While manufacturing these S.S  Filter Holder, we take extra care of quality so our clients get best product.



Product Specification

Usage/Application pharmaceuticals
Brand FlowFilt
Material Stainless Steel
Shape Round
Automation Type Semi-Automatic
Country of Origin Made in India

Product Description

SS Filter holders in different sizes – 293, 142, 90, & 47mm
SS Filters stainless steel pressure type filter holders can be used for ultra cleaning or sterilizing liquids & gases. They have been designed to maximize flow rates and to minimize holder resistance. The flow rates are maximized by applying positive pressure to the fluid over a broad membrane surface. The filter holders are autoclavable. They can be used in either batch or continuous filtration procedures. All holders vent to release pressure.

They have silicon gaskets or silicon O-ring and stainless steel support screens to prevent membrane from sticking.

SS filter holders comes in different sizes of 47, 90, 142 & 293mm. Suitable filter media of different porosities can be used accordingly.

Features & Benefits :

  • Higher differential pressures are possible, resulting in higher flow rates. The pressure differential across the membrane is not limited to atmospheric pressure (<14.7psi)
  • Unintentional contamination downstream of the membrane is minimized.
  • Denaturation of proteins and other biological polymers due to foaming downstream of the membrane is avoided .
  • Vapor accumulation and possible explosion can be avoided using an inert
    gas to pressurize solvents and combustible or flammable liquids.

Prdoduct Specifications :

Model Type Stainless Steel Filtration area cm2 Connections
SSPFH47 SS 304/ 316 13.5 cm2 Inlet ¼” BSP Outlet ¼” BSP
SSPFH90 SS 304/ 316 55 cm2 Inlet ¼” BSP Outlet ¼” BSP
SSPFH142 SS 304/ 316 145 cm2 Inlet ¼” BSP Outlet ¼” BSP
SSPFH293 SS 304/ 316 650 cm2 Inlet ¼” BSP Outlet ¼” BSP

Applications :
Enzymes, Proteins, biological media, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ultrapure water, serum, gases etc.

Additional Information

Delivery Time immediate
Packaging Details Box packing

Feature and application.

Stainless steel top in base for simple control of the vacuum. Stainless steel frit filter support gives optimally uniform distribution of retained bacteria or particles on the membrane filter surface. It can be flamed to sanitize between samples without membrane. These mechanism are used in microbiological quality control, e.g. of water, bear, wine and soft drinks other laboratory reagents. Analytical determination e.g. of metal particles in lubricating oil, iron oxides in boiler water. Consist of  Stainless steel lid with Teflon sealing ring, 250 ml funnel base clamp to connect filter section, detachable 47 mm filter disk, silicone gasket ring with rubber cork, supplied with 1000ml capacity  heavy filtering  flask made from high grade borosilicate glass


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