retort stand, sometimes called a ring stand is a piece of scientific equipments, to which clamps can be attached to hold test tubes and other equipment such as burettes which are most often used in titration experiments. Retort stand is one of the general lab equipments or metalwares being used to help with holding onto the bench equipment and bench glassware. It is also known as the community equipment that shouldn’t be placed in the lab drawers of workbench.Retort stand can be attached with the metalwares such as ring clamps, versatile clamps, 3-prongs clamp, burette clamps. Retort stand can be holding the glasswares such as test tubes, flasks, or burettes. Some of the glasswares are required to be held by the metal clamps. Retort stand comes into two pieces of metalwares, which are the retort metallic base and retort steel rod.



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Product Description

or determination of various gases like CO, CO2, O2 etc.

Following are the models:-

• Orsat gas analysis apparatus for 3 test.
• Orsat gas analysis apparatus for 4 test.
• Orsat gas analysis apparatus for 4 test with palladium/platinum asbestos tube.
• Orsat gas analysis apparatus Fischer type with 5 absorption pipette.

Note: It can also be provided with PTFE stopcocks.



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