RO plant 4000LPH

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BOTTLED WATER MANUFACTURING PLANT Water Purification Plant is designed to produce 4000 LPH. i.e. 4M3/day offered 1 Nos. << PROCESS >>

ZEOSORB  Media Filter: (GERMANY) To remove suspended matter from the water.

Katalox Light Filter: (GERMANY) To remove the iron/ Arsenic /Fluoride / Heavy metals etc, This filter media is imported from Germany. It can remove iron upto 15ppm.

Activated Carbon Filter: 1100IV: To remove color, odor & smell from the water.

To remove oil & grease from the raw water. To control BOD & COD in the raw water.

Micron Filtration: To remove micron particles from the raw water.

Osmotic pressure system (High Pressure Pump) To create osmotic pressure in the raw water.

Desalination System by Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element. To desalt the raw water i.e. to reduce total dissolve solids.

Ion Controlling System : To adjust the minerals contains in process water by means of mixing of raw water in the desalted treated water. Due to proportionate mixing required quantity of raw water, we can mix to get required quantity of ions from raw water to desalted water.

Storage of Package Drinking Water. To remove back pressure in R.O. Membrane elements.

Fine polishing filtration.To filter water from 1 to 0.5 micron and achieve crystal clear filtered treated water.

U.V. System:To kill the bacteria from the fine water. elements.

Ozonization: To prevent biological and micro organism growth in the stagnant water.

Final treated water transfer pump : To transfer crystal clear & bacteria free mineral water for Packing / Bottling.

Re-Circulation of Package Drinking water for Ozonization.

To re-circulate and add ozone in mineral water.



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